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The Miracle League

Every child deserves a chance to play baseball.

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The Miracle League is a non-profit organization that provides opportunities for people with disabilities to play Miracle League baseball (regardless of their abilities), promotes community support, and constructs special facilities to meet the unique needs of Miracle League players and their families.

The Miracle League baseball fields are custom-made rubberized turf fields that accommodate wheelchairs and other assertive devices while helping prevent injuries, along with wheelchair-accessible dugouts and a completely flat surface. To help the athletes, the League developed a buddy system that pairs each player with an able-bodied peer.

The Miracle League playgrounds allow for play for people of all abilities, and include ramps, gliders, slides, sensory play activities, and more for a full recreational experience. 

Fields in Tennessee: Murfreesboro & Gallatin, with fields planned for Columbia, Chattanooga, Memphis, and surrounding Nashville area 

Conference T-Shirts

Available by pre-order only, $20 each!

Deadline to order is March 29

100% of the proceeds from the sale of the conference t-shirts will go directly to

TASFAA's Conference Charity: The Miracle League.


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